Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore

CBSE international school

Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore


It is a herculean task to choose the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore for your child. Searching the best school in metropolitan cities for the best education can be a crucial decision.


In the fast-moving world, it is important to provide the right school environment for your kid during their academic year. There are several education institutions blooming each year, but Emerald International school stand out of the Buzz.


By following the right blend of universal and Indian values, Emerald believes in helping every child grow into a great human being and a responsible citizen. Unlike other schools that adhere to one-to-one education, we constantly search for fresh and exciting resources to integrate into the curriculum. At emerald international school, global education is seamlessly integrated with social value integrated with creative freedom that equips each student with necessary life skills.


Year’s back, Emerald International School was started with the sole mission to build the community of socially responsible citizens over a foundation of education, values, and shared beliefs. Our aim is to nurture responsive and motivated students by offering a dynamic education program. Our curriculum encourages and empowers children to gain a global perspective on every aspect.


Emerald International school is one of the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore that strongly believes that each child has a talent within. The school focuses on kindling the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual development of every child.


We aim to create successful and responsible citizens who are committed to the progress of the society. At the school, we incorporate innovative educational methods along with the quality infrastructure to discover and nurture the gifted talent within.


Emerald international school, the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore is a center of excellence in education by keeping up with the heritage of our country.


We also focus on the simultaneous development of the body, mind, and spirit to mold responsive and innovative students who can be a part of the progress and development of our country.


At Emerald, we utilize technology to empower both students and parents. Through our interactive and smart classes, students skillfully master even the most complex concepts easily. Parents can also track the performance of their children through different means of methods like SMS alerts, software, and call center facility and through periodic visits.


Emerald, being one of the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore strives for excellence in both teaching and learning by offering exceptional and quality education in a diverse community. We offer E-enabled classes and the content is carefully incorporated in an easy to understand format with animations, illustrations, and videos etc. We ensure that each student will be able to confidently express the views with the help of our teaching methodology. We believe that each child is special with unique capabilities. The sole object of Emerald international school is to identify the uniqueness present in each child.


Without forcing any specialization into a child, we try to nurture the natural abilities of a child by connecting with them on a deeper level.


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