Best Boarding Schools in India for NRI

Boarding schools for NRI kids

Boarding schools for NRI


Parents decide to opt for boarding schools for their children due to considerations like academics, extracurricular activities, discipline etc. Emerald international school is one of the Best boarding schools in India for NRI providing excellent boarding facility for boys and girls. Built in a peaceful setting, our boarding school is a self-contained institution and provides a wonderful experience for the students who are away from their homes. We offer an environment for our students to blend together and study together to experience the real global publicity.


Our boarding school function based on strict timetables which help to improve the punctuality and discipline of children. Opposed to day schools, boarding schools have limited no of class strength and this helps your child to get exclusive attention. Teachers will be able to concentrate on each student and give guidance to students who lag behind. Students also get the opportunity to connect with and easily approach them as they are available on the campus all the day.


We Emerald international school, the Best boarding schools in India for NRI has excellent infrastructure for extra circular activities and sports. We encourage our kids to take part in outdoor sports and athletics as it helps in the overall development of a child. Students also get the chance to take part in a school tournament and can interact with other students from different schools.


Emerald offers summer programs for students that include physical training programs and other skill-based activities. All of our residence halls and classrooms are the modern and comfortable place for the children to study, socialize and relax. As responsible mentors, our boarding school staff provides support to students for the academic and social needs of our students. Depending upon the interests of parents and volunteers, students may be escorted to participate in religious services.


Our boarding schools have teachers with a degree or advanced degree in the respective subject. They are great and passionate teachers who love the subject and are interested in sharing their knowledge with students. As discipline is a part of boarding schools, our talented teachers will be able to teach children peacefully.


Unlike in day schools, our students will be exposed to a quality amount of academic works. It results in the in-depth knowledge of academic courses. Our library service is one place where all the latest technology is armed. Unlike normal schools, as the strength is less, we have all types of books in abundance and various forms.


At Emerald international school, the Best boarding schools in India for NRI, your children will learn to be responsible for themselves. They learn together with other students as a community. They learn to be responsible for their actions as they are bounded to certain discipline code. The lessons learned in a boarding school are solid foundations that are going to help your children in the future.


Being one of the Best boarding schools in India for NRI, we offer a modern style of education and facilities to our students. We also take our students to visit places of interest, amusement park and go picnics very often. With each student having a separate study area, we provide everything from our end to transform them, into responsible and smart adults.

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