Good schools in south Bangalore


Good schools in south Bangalore


Emerald international is one of the top new generation international schools offering CBSE curriculum with beautiful infrastructure and facilities. At Emerald, one among the Good schools in south Bangalore, we aim to instill the ability to realize the full potential in children along with excelling as responsible citizens in the future. We offer our students a great amount of exposure to various cultures that enhances creativity. We also endeavor to equip them for the global opportunities and challenges thrown at them once they complete their education. As a constantly evolving educational institution, emerald consistently assesses every aspect of functioning be it learning methodologies or teaching procedures.


Emerald international school, Good schools in south Bangalore is dedicated to inspire each student with pursuits of knowledge, wisdom development of strong personality and to orchestrate a great educational journey.


Students get an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom with excellence and achievement in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Emerald’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and safety has earned us the trust from other organizations, parents, and students as well. We offer a nurturing and welcoming learning environment that helps each student to excel in their academic and flourish in the overall development.


Emerald international school sows seeds in children about caring for the environment right from the young days. We also focus on art, dance, theater, sports and other activities that shape up the character and leadership skills in our students. At Emerald, each student grows up as a competitor to cope up with the global environment.

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