List of international residential schools in Bangalore

Emerald International School 1

List of international residential schools in Bangalore


Boarding schools are excellent places for children to grow and it starts early as a middle school. There are residential schools that offer a PG program for high school pass outs before they enter the college. The big reason parents chose to send their kids to residential school is to offer the best academics. When you take the List of international residential schools in Bangalore, emerald will be in the top as one among them. Emerald is a co-educational residential school that has set a high standard of academics, intellectual growth, ethical awareness, social responsibility and various other good qualities among students.


The school doesn’t limit their mission to equip students for college but focus on providing a unique experience that goes far beyond college requirements addressing important personal aspects of growth and maturity. Through the quality years, the methods of achieving our aims have changed, but with the right balance of traditional and global innovation to offer exceptional opportunities to students coming from diverse backgrounds.


Our unwavering commitment to each child’s physical, moral and intellectual growth and to the resources like faculties makes emerald international schools the best international residential schools in Bangalore. Emerald believes that teachers play a critical role in a student’s life. Our faculty maintains good relationships with students to develop the spirit and bring out the inner talent in each student.


At Emerald, we believe that the future of the world depends upon the quality of its youth. Quality comes through proper nurturing through care and attention. In having to provide right education to kids through right curriculum, we carve the future citizens who are capable to make the world a better place to live.


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