CBSE syllabus schools in Bangalore

CBSE syllabus schools in Bangalore


Whether to choose the Store board, CBSE or ICSE is a never-ending debate that still exists in our country. The students are also not very clear about this and most of them, end up taking wrong decisions that may affect their career badly in the future.


Central board for secondary education or CBSE is a national board of education of our country and the teaching methodology is in accordance with the national interests of the country. It is a student-friendly level of board and is interesting to study as well. CBSE makes a perfect choice for students who wish to take up higher education in a national institution than state institutions.


Emerald international school is the top CBSE syllabus schools in Bangalore with a vision to build each students future by meeting today’s educational needs by preserving the traditional wisdom of past years. Emerald offers a learning environment where a child’s talents will be nurtured and creativity will be encouraged to the maximum.


We believe that each child possesses different types of intelligence with different level of strengths. This intelligence includes language, mathematical analysis, logical processing, spatial representation, using the body to solve issues, understand nature and other individuals etc/. Our aim is to bring in the different and unique combinations of this intelligence in each child.


Emerald, one of the CBSE syllabus schools in Bangalore helps each student to grow into the best version of themselves by constantly encouraging them, to develop into creative and independent thinker of tomorrow. Each student has a unique talent and our teachers take up the mission to identify and nurture the budding talents in each child.


With a national character and international outlook, Emerald molds each student by creating awareness of India’s rich culture and heritage. We shape up young student into global citizens and works towards making them proud Indians all over the world.


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