Best Schools in North Bangalore

Best International School in Bangalore

Best Schools in North Bangalore


It is not an easy task to find out the best schools in north Bangalore or in a particular city. You need to figure out different parameters, go through various processes, and look into many factors to choose the best school for your child.


Emerald international school is one such happy place, a co-educational prestigious school catering to the creative and all-round development of students.


In today’s competitive global learning scenario, working hard is not enough; working smart is the best way to tackle life. Emerald crafts a smart learning process where students can learn smarter and excel in all academic activities.


Emerald has widespread interest in the space of quality education with a sole commitment towards excellence. With its quality service in holistic education, emerald emerged as one of the leading educational institutions and offers quality education to Students.


The school is facilitated by dedicated teachers and other faculties who are specially trained to channelize their energy towards student-centered quality learning. We reach out to support and mentor teachers in school across the country to equip them as great faculties to training our future generation. Emerald is well reputed for its academic rigor and well-equipped learning facilities like lab and playground for students.


Emerald is an educational institution focusing on offering good quality education and opportunities for students to mold their social and creative skills through a large range of the programs. We aim to invoke in students a love towards learning through the development of physical, intellectual, social and emotional potentials.


Emerald international schools are one of the best schools in north Bangalore having many alumni’s occupying top positions in various sectors and performing great. We provide a conducive environment where each student is eager to perform at his best and to give back the same to society in future.


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