Top 5 schools in Bangalore

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Top 5 schools in Bangalore


With the strong belief that early education matters and the urge make some major impact in the education system, emerald was born. Early education has a direct impact on the way your brain is fine-tuned and as the future generations are going to live in a different world than we did, it is important to focus on the teaching practices that can support these developments.


Emerald International school boasts facilities like swimming pool, skating classes, Aerobics, Yoga, Karate, Gymnastics for children. Exercise is not just about fitness goals and weight loss, it helps to boost, self-esteem, improve mood, enhances sleep quality and overall energy and that is exactly what we want to offer for our students.


At Emerald, we believe that each child is different and unique. The manner in which we give individual attention to each student has been appreciated by parents as well. During each learning activity, our teachers will assess each during to improve learning skills. After an assessment test or an exam, we measure the progress because of it vital to know the growth in learning. We also take time to have an interactive session with parents to assess how the kids are performing and behaving at home. We faithfully stand by each parent’s side to improve a child in any particular aspect specified by parents.


The learning methodology at Emerald is carefully crafted by a team of experts to ensure that it stimulates the intelligence of a child and provide them with different ways that enhance learning. The focus is to provide learning aids which helps a child to learn in the way that is interesting to them.


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