MD’s Message

Dear Friends,

As educator’s, we carry enormous responsibility towards the nation and more so towards you since as parents you have entrusted your wards with us under the firm belief that they are in the right hands to be moulded to become futuristic confident citizens. To achieve and surpass this, we need to strive hard to go many notches above your expectations.

Education today is an evolving field without boundaries and to keep pace with the constant changing needs and demands, firstly “we need to be the change that we want to see” this can only be achieved by being open to unlearn and relearn everyday in order to keep abreast with the ever changing dynamics of evolution, be open for change and to accept and adopt new and improved techniques, technology and training methodologies.

Education today is not just about books, marks or ranks, it goes far beyond. Today it’s all about getting the child to be street smart so that he/she can overcome any situation, obstacles and challenges that life constantly throw at them and to also outshine the stiff competition that one is bound to face at every walk of life.

We at Emerald International School (EIS) work with the above parameters clearly imbibed into our DNA and work towards the holistic development of the child be it Academics, Sports or Creative field. We are preparing students after visualising the requirements for the future and to achieve this, we periodically hold “out of the box” thinking sessions and have constant training sessions to keep ourselves updated with the emerging trends and technologies. Undoubtedly, we have provided the very best in class infrastructure and facilities but the challenge is integrate the right methodology with it to achieve our envisaged goals and missions.

At EIS, we challenge ourselves every day to be the best in this field and can confidently say that your ward is in the safest of hands with us. We take immense pride in our patronage and in believing that we would be a major catalyst in building the future stars out of your wards in their respective fields of interest and talent.

Come onboard on our exciting journey by enrolling your wards and partnering in making them future ready leaders who would grow up to make a positive difference to our ever evolving and fascinating world.

With warm regards,