Life At Emerald International School

Emerald boarding is more than just a group of boys & girls who stay in separate blocks, they are a close-knit family as brothers & sisters. From the smallest of the small to the senior most boarder, they are all connected by a strong bond called friendship. The Emerald boarding brings out the best in your child be in academics or sports. It gives them all the necessary qualities and skill sets to live in the outside world. It imparts them unity, responsibility and discipline among others.

They give the opportunity to meet and get to know students of different cultures, religions and creed. The boarding of Emerald has a very homely feeling to it. The company of friends along with variety of mouth watering dishes conjured up our pantry staff and the parent-like nature of our dorm-master(wardens) and their love and care make them feel truly at home

The Emerald boarding definitely changes you for the better. The word “homesick” is not in our vocabulary. It is truly “Home away from Home”.

The Emerald International School is your child’s gateway to a bright future. It is one of the best residential schools in Bangalore. Here, every child can realize his or her dreams and pursue their passion. Emerald offers students to be a part of their elegant Residential Campus, where they are bestowed with all the required facilities to hone their skills. With a 9 Acre serene and spacious campus, this school is truly a home away from home.