Girls boarding schools in India

Girls boarding schools in India

Girls boarding schools in Bangalore


Emerald international school is one of the best Girls boarding schools in India that is a fully equipped residential school for girls. We constantly encourage our girl students to grow positively, be independent and become a responsible and confident human being. As an international school, we take pride in ensuring nurturing core value along with excellent academic skills. Our boarding school provides a great educational atmosphere with decent space to inspire, motive and support each girl to turn out be the amazing person she can be.


At Emerald’s boarding school, we have well-qualified teachers who treat their work as a passion instead of a job. Our students get promote from classes due to the interaction with students and the teachers. Our boarding campus environment ensures that our students are indulged in a world where education is the center of all activities. The unique setting of education promotes friendship and trust between fellow students and teachers. Emerald boarding school prepares young  girls for upcoming university life in the future. The students going out from our boarding school often end up in some of the finest universities. At our school, students are conditioned for the future as they are encouraged to excel at their full potential.


As the students are away from their real homes, they get a kind of independence they will not get otherwise. It prepares them for the upcoming challenges and responsibilities in the future. Moreover, there will be less distraction when compared to normal day school. Due to that, students will be able to focus better in class. At emerald boarding, the top Girls boarding schools in India, as the students are less when compared to a normal school, teachers will be able to invest their full attention on every student. Our teachers are keen on exploring the ways a girl can learn the best. They offer a learning environment a girl requires to become her best possible self. We focus on encouraging our girls to achieve their individual and unique goals, career aspirations will not be discouraged in our barding setting.


The fact that learning never stops is the major advantage of sending your kid to Emerald international boarding school. Our students are always immersed in an educational atmosphere all the time. Even when they are out of the classroom, they still are training upon several significant life skills. Emerald international boarding school also offers various extra-curricular activities at a far more extensive level than at day schools.


Being the best Girls boarding schools in India, Emerald offers an amiable environment conducive to the physical and mental devolvement of our students. We have in charges on the board that always look after the emotional requirements of the girls staying at our boarding. Our staff handles the role of a guide and mentor that helps the character formation of our students. The matron at our school offers motherly care and affection to the students and shows a intense interest in providing the basic requirements of children. Our campus environment is always clean and tidy and we work towards maintaining and clean and hygienic campus premises.


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