Top 10 schools in India

Top 10 schools in India

Top 10 schools in India


Emerald international school is one of the Top 10 schools in India offering quality education by adhering to international standards while not comprising Indian values and culture. Emerald follows a student-centric system with a wide range of opportunities for learning and project work. Our students are guided by highly qualified faculty with ample access to quality training from top rated universities.


Emerald is dedicated to inspiring each student with the pursuit of knowledge, developing a great personality and to orchestrate a holistic academic journey. At our school, students explore way beyond the classroom in terms of academic excellence and achievement. Our strong commitments to innovation and quality have earned us the trust of being one of the best international school in Bangalore.


We believe that preparing our children for the jobs that do not exist now. We provide such kind of education and it all starts from school level. We aid in global aspiration of students and provide a flexible real-life approach to education that helps them to earn a job they like. The different programs for various levels of classes are well structured to cater to the rising demands of education these days. The extra-curricular activities and trips we arrange to help our students in several ways.


Emerald international school, one of the Top 10 schools in India began with a vision to move towards a pragmatic approach by using the latest methods of education while holding the traditional values. With a smart classroom, exceptional library and fully equipped labs, boarding, healthcare and cafeteria facilities, we ensure an all-round development for the students enrolling in our school.


Our smartly crafted academic programs are sure to guarantee that any student’s educational requirements will go unattended. We have received several awards for the outstanding services towards educations and the development of our students.


Our unique and well-structured academic curriculum offers a holistic educational experience for all students. Sports facilities, various outdoor activities, transport, boarding are some of the facilities that our school offers. We are on a mission to increase the natural potential of each child through an active partnership between children, teachers, and parents. Emerald strives towards excellent with every activity we arrange, be it academic or extra-curricular.


The teaching process at emerald international school, one of the Top 10 schools in India claims the best of progressive and traditional learning to offer students a strong foundation to enrich their academic and personal development. The curriculum we design ensures the development of students and it also encourages them to express their talents in various innovative ways. We also have an outstanding faculty who provide maximum personalized support or students as per their requirements.


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