Top international schools in India

International schools in India

Top international schools in India


Emerald international school, one of the Top international schools in India is a co-educational school with prestigious service of several quality years. Emerald caters to the creative and overall development of students and envisions beyond academic excellence. We follow a holistic education pattern where education and other activities are interlinked and interdisciplinary.


The school is affiliated to CBSE syllabus that functions under the control and supervision of the human resource ministry department, Govt. of India. Our prestigious institution has been imparting high standard education to young children to mold them, into responsible citizens of future.


Overall development, both mental and physical, leadership, the disciplinary living are the priorities of Emerald. With years of experience in the education field and with the constant support of parents, we have emerged as one of the Top international schools in India.


While every student is our priority, we follow an individually focused approach in our teaching as personalized attention is important for the betterment of the child. Each child is important and requires a unique style of teaching to excel.


Emerald international school believes in being a bridge between the traditional and international style of education by offering a flexible and progressive learning environment. We understand that each child coming to our school is coming from different academic and family background and hence requires uniquely craftier education system.


The emerald international school, the Top international school in India is a diverse and unified body of children, parents, and teachers coming from different parts of the world. Emerald is synonymous with academic excellence and development of personality of children. Our school strongly believes in the significance of a solid academic foundation clubbed with enough stress on the expression of social adaptability skills. To a large extent, our students come from different backgrounds and this initiates excellent interaction among students from different backgrounds.


We are committed to giving our students a unique learning experience and a wide range of skills that make them tomorrow’s leaders. We strictly adhere to several value systems that we hope will ensure our students to excel in leadership skills with wisdom and humility. Emerald international was founded to be distinct and it remains faithful that vision. Being one of the Top international schools in India, it is remarkable and exploratory at the same time. With a goal to evoke intellectual curiosity in children, we want to mold a generation that can make a difference for the betterment of our nation.


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