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Clubs & Organisations

Having the right blend of work and study is a key element of curriculum at Emerald International School. All the students are made to gain practical experience during the course of their academic education. Clubs as part of the system are seen as an opportunity to adapt to life in a group, forming good life long habits and cultivating a voluntary spirit. Club activities supplement academics and give the students practical training to face challenges in day to day life.

Shantha Group
Shantha Group

Arts Programme

At Emerald International School, the aim of encouraging students to engage in Arts Programmes like Theatre, Art & Craft, Music and Dance is to allow them to experience and enjoy all aspects of education with creativity in a relaxed environment. It provides as inclusive platform for students of all grades to meet, collaborate and perform which in turn facilities the exchange of creative ideas, appreciation of Art and encourages co-scholastic development. Sometimes it is just the simple expression of fun and joy and at other times there is a poignant message to be relayed.

Sports Activities

Sports has many education and learning benefits for children and participating in sports activities can even help to improve their cognitive and memory functioning of the brain which in turn helps in their academic performance as well. At Emerald International School, sports and games are an integral and compulsory part of their education process. We boast of a state-of-the-art international standard school sports facility deliver the formal curriculum, improve participation level and offers facilities for the wider community.


The school has a proper Equestrian track where training for the above is imparted and also has an obstacle course for imparting advanced level training. Emerald offers premier horse-riding training according to the Horse society standards and is conducted by expert coaches who are masters in the sport. From beginner level to advanced we offer riding lessons for all levels conducted by qualified instructors. We have an Equestrian track that is well maintained and suitable for training your students. Students also get an opportunity to showcase their riding skills during various events at school.



EIS has a fleet of School buses which adhere to all the safety standards that is mandated for child friendliness and safety. All the vehicles are GPS enabled and is accompanied by child friendly lady attendants during all trips.

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Shantha Group


The school has 24/7 Security at the gate and is under CCTV surveillance. All precautionary measures are in place to ensure all visitors are controlled and escorted during their visit to school. Entry is restricted for them only up to designated areas where they will be attended to.

Medical Camps

AT EIS, periodic medical camps are held for the children which include a Paediatrician, Dentist and Ophthalmologist to check on the well being of the child. These reports will be shared with the parents during PTA meetings.

Shantha Group
Shantha Group


The schools in addition to Horses have a number of pets that include Guinea Fouls, Geese, Love Birds, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, Turkeys, and Irish Hamsters to name a few which keep the children spellbound and teach them to love and care unconditionally.


There will be one short (same day) and one long study tour for the children during the academic year. The parents will be informed well in advance and their concurrence will be taken before sending the kids on such trips. These will be professionally managed and accompanied by adequate and efficient school staff.

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Shantha Group


Parents will be invited to attend parenting sections to be conducted by eminent personalities which we feel might help in providing insight to better upbringing of the child in today’s lifestyle context which is filled with a lot of risks, challenges and competition.


All important events like Independence day, Republic day, Teachers Day, Environment day, Children’s Day, Mothers day, Father’s day, Diwali, Christmas, Eid etc., will be celebrated in appropriate manner to develop the feeling of communal harmony irrespective of cast, creed, religion or nationality among the children.

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