Top 10 schools in India

Top 10 schools in India


Emerald international school is one of the Top 10 schools in India offering quality education by adhering to international standards while not comprising Indian values and culture. Emerald follows a student-centric system with a wide range of opportunities for learning and project work. Our students are guided by highly qualified faculty with ample access to quality training from top rated universities.


Emerald is dedicated to inspiring each student with the pursuit of knowledge, developing a great personality and to orchestrate a holistic academic journey. At our school, students explore way beyond the classroom in terms of academic excellence and achievement. Our strong commitments to innovation and quality have earned us the trust of being one of the best international school in Bangalore.


We believe that preparing our children for the jobs that do not exist now. We provide such kind of education and it all starts from school level. We aid in global aspiration of students and provide a flexible real-life approach to education that helps them to earn a job they like. The different programs for various levels of classes are well structured to cater to the rising demands of education these days. The extra-curricular activities and trips we arrange to help our students in several ways.


Emerald international school, one of the Top 10 schools in India began with a vision to move towards a pragmatic approach by using the latest methods of education while holding the traditional values. With a smart classroom, exceptional library and fully equipped labs, boarding, healthcare and cafeteria facilities, we ensure an all-round development for the students enrolling in our school.


Our smartly crafted academic programs are sure to guarantee that any student’s educational requirements will go unattended. We have received several awards for the outstanding services towards educations and the development of our students.


Our unique and well-structured academic curriculum offers a holistic educational experience for all students. Sports facilities, various outdoor activities, transport, boarding are some of the facilities that our school offers. We are on a mission to increase the natural potential of each child through an active partnership between children, teachers, and parents. Emerald strives towards excellent with every activity we arrange, be it academic or extra-curricular.


The teaching process at emerald international school, one of the Top 10 schools in India claims the best of progressive and traditional learning to offer students a strong foundation to enrich their academic and personal development. The curriculum we design ensures the development of students and it also encourages them to express their talents in various innovative ways. We also have an outstanding faculty who provide maximum personalized support or students as per their requirements.


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Girls boarding schools in India

Girls boarding schools in Bangalore


Emerald international school is one of the best Girls boarding schools in India that is a fully equipped residential school for girls. We constantly encourage our girl students to grow positively, be independent and become a responsible and confident human being. As an international school, we take pride in ensuring nurturing core value along with excellent academic skills. Our boarding school provides a great educational atmosphere with decent space to inspire, motive and support each girl to turn out be the amazing person she can be.


At Emerald’s boarding school, we have well-qualified teachers who treat their work as a passion instead of a job. Our students get promote from classes due to the interaction with students and the teachers. Our boarding campus environment ensures that our students are indulged in a world where education is the center of all activities. The unique setting of education promotes friendship and trust between fellow students and teachers. Emerald boarding school prepares young  girls for upcoming university life in the future. The students going out from our boarding school often end up in some of the finest universities. At our school, students are conditioned for the future as they are encouraged to excel at their full potential.


As the students are away from their real homes, they get a kind of independence they will not get otherwise. It prepares them for the upcoming challenges and responsibilities in the future. Moreover, there will be less distraction when compared to normal day school. Due to that, students will be able to focus better in class. At emerald boarding, the top Girls boarding schools in India, as the students are less when compared to a normal school, teachers will be able to invest their full attention on every student. Our teachers are keen on exploring the ways a girl can learn the best. They offer a learning environment a girl requires to become her best possible self. We focus on encouraging our girls to achieve their individual and unique goals, career aspirations will not be discouraged in our barding setting.


The fact that learning never stops is the major advantage of sending your kid to Emerald international boarding school. Our students are always immersed in an educational atmosphere all the time. Even when they are out of the classroom, they still are training upon several significant life skills. Emerald international boarding school also offers various extra-curricular activities at a far more extensive level than at day schools.


Being the best Girls boarding schools in India, Emerald offers an amiable environment conducive to the physical and mental devolvement of our students. We have in charges on the board that always look after the emotional requirements of the girls staying at our boarding. Our staff handles the role of a guide and mentor that helps the character formation of our students. The matron at our school offers motherly care and affection to the students and shows a intense interest in providing the basic requirements of children. Our campus environment is always clean and tidy and we work towards maintaining and clean and hygienic campus premises.


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Best Boarding Schools in India for NRI

Boarding schools for NRI


Parents decide to opt for boarding schools for their children due to considerations like academics, extracurricular activities, discipline etc. Emerald international school is one of the Best boarding schools in India for NRI providing excellent boarding facility for boys and girls. Built in a peaceful setting, our boarding school is a self-contained institution and provides a wonderful experience for the students who are away from their homes. We offer an environment for our students to blend together and study together to experience the real global publicity.


Our boarding school function based on strict timetables which help to improve the punctuality and discipline of children. Opposed to day schools, boarding schools have limited no of class strength and this helps your child to get exclusive attention. Teachers will be able to concentrate on each student and give guidance to students who lag behind. Students also get the opportunity to connect with and easily approach them as they are available on the campus all the day.


We Emerald international school, the Best boarding schools in India for NRI has excellent infrastructure for extra circular activities and sports. We encourage our kids to take part in outdoor sports and athletics as it helps in the overall development of a child. Students also get the chance to take part in a school tournament and can interact with other students from different schools.


Emerald offers summer programs for students that include physical training programs and other skill-based activities. All of our residence halls and classrooms are the modern and comfortable place for the children to study, socialize and relax. As responsible mentors, our boarding school staff provides support to students for the academic and social needs of our students. Depending upon the interests of parents and volunteers, students may be escorted to participate in religious services.


Our boarding schools have teachers with a degree or advanced degree in the respective subject. They are great and passionate teachers who love the subject and are interested in sharing their knowledge with students. As discipline is a part of boarding schools, our talented teachers will be able to teach children peacefully.


Unlike in day schools, our students will be exposed to a quality amount of academic works. It results in the in-depth knowledge of academic courses. Our library service is one place where all the latest technology is armed. Unlike normal schools, as the strength is less, we have all types of books in abundance and various forms.


At Emerald international school, the Best boarding schools in India for NRI, your children will learn to be responsible for themselves. They learn together with other students as a community. They learn to be responsible for their actions as they are bounded to certain discipline code. The lessons learned in a boarding school are solid foundations that are going to help your children in the future.


Being one of the Best boarding schools in India for NRI, we offer a modern style of education and facilities to our students. We also take our students to visit places of interest, amusement park and go picnics very often. With each student having a separate study area, we provide everything from our end to transform them, into responsible and smart adults.

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Boarding schools in Bangalore

Boarding schools in Bangalore


Emerald International School is one of the Best boarding schools in Bangalore, India and provides Quality Education for students From past 7+ years, We have a total strength of more than 750+ students studying in Emerald International School. To be a great, modern Indian school with an international faculty. Education is the first step towards building personality and integrity in a Student. Emerald International School discern it very well and gives its students a state-of-the-art infrastructure, a 9-acre green campus and a global tending environment where the unique thoughts and creativity of every child is developed. Our learning environment push them to explore, think and exchange ideas. As educational institute, we believe that learning is a lifelong process and that we must provide our students with all available resources, values and skills that form the foundation of a life of achievement, leadership and fulfillment.


So that they gain the self-confidence and discipline to overcome in an ever changing society while having core values and ethics. Emerald International boarding school in Bangalore follow CBSE syllabus and make use of modern teaching methodologies managed through smart classrooms and labs with in-built audio-visual systems. We care young minds by providing them an academically strong base while helping them to improve and explore their creative and rational side. We understand educational requirements as those encircling physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. We believe every child is unique and needs individual attention to help channelize his strength.


Our highly qualified team of Special trainer ensure that children with diverse needs are given individual attention and appealing extra-curricular activities are great with a dedicated excellent faculty to nurture each student By providing regular support we encourage the elemental talents of the students. What is being done here is hugely important, because we are supportive young people to see that not only can they develop their own talents, but they can move ahead themselves and boost a sense of promise to the wider community and to the progress of the world at large. To achieve these desire we have developed a strong infrastructural base, extensive subjects and a technology driven delivery structure.


We recognize that there is a very strong connection between classroom learning and outdoor experiences, between parental role and that of the school between learning for now and learning for life.

Emeralds mission and vision is clearly reflected in its curriculum framework and multicultural student demographic. We encourage out students to grow into a global minded, principles, young future generation. Our students learn to embrace their diverse local community along with accepting the international community.

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Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore

Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore


It is a herculean task to choose the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore for your child. Searching the best school in metropolitan cities for the best education can be a crucial decision.


In the fast-moving world, it is important to provide the right school environment for your kid during their academic year. There are several education institutions blooming each year, but Emerald International school stand out of the Buzz.


By following the right blend of universal and Indian values, Emerald believes in helping every child grow into a great human being and a responsible citizen. Unlike other schools that adhere to one-to-one education, we constantly search for fresh and exciting resources to integrate into the curriculum. At emerald international school, global education is seamlessly integrated with social value integrated with creative freedom that equips each student with necessary life skills.


Year’s back, Emerald International School was started with the sole mission to build the community of socially responsible citizens over a foundation of education, values, and shared beliefs. Our aim is to nurture responsive and motivated students by offering a dynamic education program. Our curriculum encourages and empowers children to gain a global perspective on every aspect.


Emerald International school is one of the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore that strongly believes that each child has a talent within. The school focuses on kindling the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual development of every child.


We aim to create successful and responsible citizens who are committed to the progress of the society. At the school, we incorporate innovative educational methods along with the quality infrastructure to discover and nurture the gifted talent within.


Emerald international school, the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore is a center of excellence in education by keeping up with the heritage of our country.


We also focus on the simultaneous development of the body, mind, and spirit to mold responsive and innovative students who can be a part of the progress and development of our country.


At Emerald, we utilize technology to empower both students and parents. Through our interactive and smart classes, students skillfully master even the most complex concepts easily. Parents can also track the performance of their children through different means of methods like SMS alerts, software, and call center facility and through periodic visits.


Emerald, being one of the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore strives for excellence in both teaching and learning by offering exceptional and quality education in a diverse community. We offer E-enabled classes and the content is carefully incorporated in an easy to understand format with animations, illustrations, and videos etc. We ensure that each student will be able to confidently express the views with the help of our teaching methodology. We believe that each child is special with unique capabilities. The sole object of Emerald international school is to identify the uniqueness present in each child.


Without forcing any specialization into a child, we try to nurture the natural abilities of a child by connecting with them on a deeper level.


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